You are going to be introduced to one of the Ultimate Hunting Buggies known as The Beast. The Beast Hunting Buggy was developed after years of trial & error, and years of research learning what just the right combination is to produce the best performance for your next hunting trip.
The Beast is available in 3 amazing models. Below is a brief description of each.

The Beast Hunting Carts | The Beast Hunting Buggy

The Beast 36 Lifted Hunting Buggy

The Beast 36 has more power than the standard lifted electric powered golf cart or hunting buggy with its 36volt all electric hunting buggy that comes equipped with a powerful 12 HP GE electric motor, Alltrax 400 amp Waterproof Controller, and a fully automatic Powerwise charger. This is our entry level model, but this lifted cart will still get you to your favorite hunting spot….and back again!


The Beast 36 Hunting Cart | The Beast Hunting Buggy

The Beast 48 Lifted Hunting Cart

If more torque and power is what you want, or need, then The Beast 48 Volt Model Electric Hunting Cart is for you. The Beast 48 is equipped with a powerful General Electric 12 hp motor, 500 amp programmable electronic controller, and Six 8 volt Trojan batteries with a Delta Q on-board charger. This powerhouse will get you up some serious hill climbing, through deep mud holes, and still can provide you tremendous pulling power.

The Beast Big Block

The Beast Big Block Gas Powered Hunting Buggy has an impressive 18hp Vanguard V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine. This 570cc V-twin powerplant offers full pressure lube with a traditional spin-on oil filter. The Beast Big Block is their most powerful off road hunting cart.

The Beast 36v All Electric Lifted Hunting Cart, The Beast 48v Lifted Hunting Cart, and The Beast Big Block Gas Powered Hunting Cart.


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