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The Stealth 4×4 Electric Vehicles are basically heavy duty, lifted 4×4 golf carts. these 4×4 golf carts are electric powered and are designed to give hunters up to 55 miles of “quiet” range on a single charge. They were originally designed by Gary Bias & Wayne Thurmon.
These guys live and work in the heart of The Sportsman’s Paradise state, Monroe, Louisiana. They saw a need for a new, rugged, dependable, off-road electric 4×4 golf cart that would provide people with an reliable option to the other electric hunting buggies that were on the market. That’s when the concept for the Stealth 4×4 electric cart was born. So, they set out to develop the most rugged and reliable lifted electric 4×4 golf cart on today’s market.

The Stealth 4×4 Electric Cart is manufactured right here in America in West Monroe, Louisiana and is sold throughout their extensive dealer network around the country.

These lifted electric 4×4 golf carts are built and designed mainly for hunters, but people have found each of the 3 models they build to be highly effective for many applications. The 3 models they offer are the Apache XR and Predator XR. Their newest model is The Patriot.

The Apache XR

Stealth 4x4 Apache | 4x4 Golf Carts | Lifted Electric Golf Carts

The Apache XR are heavy duty lifted 4×4 golf carts built with the hunters needs in mind. If you enjoy hunting “Quietly”, then you should check out the Apache XR 4×4 Hunting Buggy. These 4×4 golf carts have mostly the same features as The Patriot but is a little lighter in overall weight coming in at approximately 1447 lbs. This lighter weight help make your cart go further on a single charge.

The Predator XR

The Predator XR are the 3rd model offered by Stealth 4×4 Electric Vehicles. These are the lightest model of lifted 4×4 golf carts the company offers. The lighter weight again allows for less drain on the batteries during operation. This in turn give the hunter even a longer ranger, up to 55 miles, on a single charge. That is a lot of hunting time.

Stealth 4×4 Golf Carts

Still need more information?  Click Here and you can visit their website to learn more about the products offered by Stealth 4×4 Golf Carts.    Are you looking for lifted golf carts?  Then you need to visit GolfCarts-USA to find dealers in your area.